Eye Floaters Cure

Hello, and welcome to EyeFloatersCure.org.  Many of the websites you will see online explaining eye floaters are from people that do not even have them.  Well, I wish I was one of those people, but I’m not.  I’m just like you and they drive me absolutely crazy.  The purpose of these pages is to explain all about eye floaters and what options you have available to you.

So, what are eye floaters?

Eye floaters are what I consider the one of the worst conditions possible.  Although they don’t generally have much of a medical concern, they do generate a strong mental issue.

Medically, they are those annoying spots, lines, and ”worms” that move around your field of vision.  What I have found throughout the years of research is that surprisingly, many people have eye floaters.  Many more people have floaters than you would think, however there are definitely different levels in which people have them.

Your eyes are filled up with a vitreous fluid that is supposed to have a gel-like feeling to it.  As people age, this gel-like fluid starts to liquefy and starts to create more of a water like solution.  Floaters will begin to appear when pieces of the eye’s gel-like fluid break loose within the inner portion of the eye.  Some of the gel-like particles will begin to float around in the now liquid part of the vitreous.  The particles are obviously all different sizes and cause what you see, called a floaters.

Generally, you will notice these floaters the most when you are looking at a computer, the blue sky, a plain wall and if your like me, pretty much all of the time.  You don’t actually see the floater itself, you are seeing the shadow of the floater moving around.  When your eyes move around, the floaters move around to and then settle down, causing a drifting effect.

Medically, you really don’t have to do anything about the floaters.  Mentally, you need to find something better to do.  The more floaters you get the more you will be bothered by eye floaters.  Sometimes they become such a hassle that you will not even want to go outside very often.  The sunlight becomes bothersome because that is what makes you see the shadow of the floaters.  Over the next few pages you will find some great tips for curing eye floaters and what steps you can take to at least cope with living them.